Product Details


5-PC Classic Walnut Grain Maple Drum Set

PC10-01 is the marvelous innovative Maple Drum Set. Every stroke can obviously reflect the flawless advantage of 100% Maple Shell and Solid Maple Drum Hoop - warm & powerful sound and full tonal response. Besides, the Classic Walnut Grain Lacquer is the attractive appearance for every drummer and audience.

    Product Introduction

    • Bass Drum18” x 16”
    • Floor Tom Tom14” x 13.5”
    • Tom Tom12” x 8”
    • Tom Tom10” x 7”
    • Snare Drum14” x 5”
    • Hardware PedalPC10-84
    • SSPC10-55
    • BCSPC10-57 x 2
    • HHSPC10-58